Greetings Subjects , I am the Lens Queen.

I am an creator an visanary a mother and a wife to a u.s. soldier I have been a photographer since 2003. With an Honorable mention added skill of GFX Design and Cinematography for the past 7 years professionally . I take pride in every photoshoot an Film not to every booking . Being an creative is challenging at times and pivotal to my everlasting career and I love a challenge. Photography from my point of view is everlasting moment's documented that leaves an impressionable visual memory in a form of art . Let me create some memories for you . "On some humble s#!- I am the Len's Queen " I hustle to motivate !

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Loyalty is owed to those who never made me question their's. - Gianni

Lens Queen

Terms & Conditions

Terms an condition $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required at time of booking to insure time date & slot is secure . Clients will be responsible for making a Vision and or mood board prior to the shoot. The collage of inspiration is to be used as a reference point before and during your photoshoot. Failure to do so is NOT the responsibility of the photographer and will reflect in your photos and or content. $25.00 LATE FEE IS ENFORCED TRAVEL FEES WILL BE APPLIED BASED ON THE MILES OF THE LOCATION. 5-7 BUSINESS DAY TURN AROUND FOR PHOTOS AND OR CONTENT AFTER THEY ARE SELECTED. ADDITIONAL RETOUCHED IMAGES CAN BE PURCHASED FOR $20 EACH RAW IMAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ANY PACKAGE. CROPPED AND COLOR CORRECTED IMAGES MAY BE PURCHASED FOR $5 EACH. 30 SECOND REEL CAN BE PURCHASED FOR $35 And you are not Licensed to use for any marketing Ie. Flyer's merch Covers Youtube content Fans Only or monetary etc. just because you paid for a shoot all rights are reserved to GIANNI LENS | GIANNI MEDIA licenses can be Purchased Gianni Media 2023


Their will be no refunds given under any circumstances deposits and funds are used to insure equipment and or rentals for appointments ...